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Treasure Trails

I went into our local tourist office to get a list of activities and events in the area, and I came across the following company Treasure Trail

So after seeing this and having a flick through, it got me thinking about family days out. With our English weather that is hard to predict, and with some activities being expensive it can be hard for a family to have a day out, that doesn't cost a fortune. Yes we do have the beach, arcades, bouncy castles etc, but these can all cost money and small amounts add up. And yes this trail is outside but if the weather isn't too bad the trail can be done.

We had some friends staying with us over the weekend, and Des and his friend Ben were going to the Bournemouth Vs Liverpool football match, and luckily it was a nice day so Laura, Hayden and I decided that we would do one of the treasure trails. There are five different trails for Bournemouth but we decided to do the 'Bournemouth Gardens 4 Kids' trail as Hayden is 4 years old.

We read through what we needed to do and where we needed to go. This was a eye opener for me as although we have lived in Bournemouth for four years there is still lots of places that we haven't been to, so this trail was taking us to parts of Bournemouth that we haven't been to or even thought about going.

We drove ( as i had no idea where we were going) and left our car at Coy Pond Road, which is where this trail starts. We thought we would have to pay for parking, but the street parking is free and we didn't find any parking restrictions.

When we got to the Coy Pond we were amazed at how big the pond was and how beautiful it was. There was so much wildlife to see and it was really nice to see some baby ducklings taking to the water for the first time.

It took a couple of times to read the first two clues and understand what we needed to do, so my advice would be to read what you need to do before you set off on your journey.

Once we sort of understood what we were doing, we set off after doing the first two clues. we walked through gardens that I didn't even know existed. It was lovely to walk through these gardens and seeing a child running around, climbing trees, asking about plants and taking photos.

We found some unusual plants, and a nice gentleman stopped to tell us us that this particular plant doesn't grow every year, it just randomly pops up every couple of years.

The trail then took us through the Upper Gardens, Central Gardens and into the square. From here we had a lunch pit stop, but if the weather had been warmer we would of taken a picnic with us.

One of the clues from here was quite hard, but as there is a lot of building work going on in Bournemouth and lots of buildings have been knocked down I was a bit worried that some of the clues and answers had disappeared, but luckily you can text a number for the answers for up to three clues.

from the square the trail took us to the BIC, then down into the lower gardens, up to the bird aviary then across to the Pavilion.

From the Pavilion we walked up to the Russell Cotes museum and up to the 'Welcome to Bournemouth Seafront' sign and down towards the pier.

From here we had a pit stop in the arcade before walking back to a park that we found on the way down which is by the tennis courts in the Central Gardens. Finally we made our way back to the car.

Once we got back to Waves In we went through all the photos and then submitted our answer on-line, which unfortunately we were wrong!!

I asked Hayden if he enjoyed the trail and he did, he just wanted to know if we had won any treasure LOL.

From start to finish the trail is about 1.8 miles long, which for a 4 year old is quite a long way, especially when you have to walk the 1.8 miles back to the car. But bless him, only once did he say about being tired and he walked, run and climbed the whole way round.

Laura, Hayden and I really enjoyed the trail and it was really nice to be out and about in the fresh air, see things and places we haven't seen before or even knew was there. My only criticism is that some of the clues are hard, especially as this one was a kids one. I am looking forward to doing the other trails and finding out about more places we don't know about and learning new things about the area that we live in. i also found another company that does something similar but its not a treasure trail called Curious About.

Thank you so much to Laura and Hayden for being my partners on the trail, I really did have a great time, it was nice to do something different and not spend it in doors and it was so nice to spend time with you both.

Now I'm off to find the next activity to test out.

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