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Bournemouth Air Festival 2014

Each year Bournemouth Air Festival just blows us away! It just seams to be getting bigger and better.

There is so much to see and do, that one day just doesn't cover the Air Festival. Last year we managed to do all four days, which was great as we got to see so much more of the Air Festival. It's not just all about the Air, there is lots on the ground too!

Air fest.jpg

This year we didn't see a whole lot of the Air Festival as we had lots of friends coming to the Air Festival. But we did get to see some things and we just missed the the local hero the Sea Vixen, who was joined by Hunter Jet Miss Demanour (the sound of this plane is great!). They were also joined by a new comer to the festival called the Canberra, this was a display that we had never seen before and we caught the tail end of it.

The Royal Marines showed their stuff battling pirates on the sea and on the beach (this was really good to watch) The Blades made their day time apperance, they looped, rolled and hung in mid-air as they defied gravity. And once again they wowed everyone at the Night Air.

There is so much that goes on as it doesn't finish till 10pm at night and you get to see Battle of Britian Flight with a Lancaster, Spitfires, there is also The Black cats, Merlin and Ary Lynx and so much more!

The one thing that everyone loves to see are The Red Arrows. They are amazing to watch and it's great to see everyone stopping what they are doing and just watching them.

Red Arrows.jpg

I can never put into words how great the Bournemouth Air Festival is, it really is something that you need to experince for yourself!

The dates have been relised for next year, so get in fast as with having over 400,000 people coming to enjoy the show, you will have a great time! The dates for next years Air Festival is 20th August 2015 till 23rd August 2015.

We look forward to seeing you next year.

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