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Sponsor a puppy for the Guide Dogs

Being dog lovers and having a pet friendly B&B, we at Waves In B&B decided that we would "Sponsor a Puppy" for the Guide Dogs.

After looking at all the puppies to sponsor ( that was a very hard choice!) we decided that Herbie was the one we wanted to sponsor.


We get updates as to how Herbie is getting on. He has grown so fast and is now living with his puppy walkers Nick and Loraine.


Herbie is very lucky to live across from a from a beautiful river setting in Essex. Nick and Loraine have walked three dogs for Guide Dogs, Lara, Max and Ziggy. Herbie is their fourth guide dog puppy and he is settling in really well. Herbie is progressing steadily with his basic commands. Loraine told us “Herbie is really good at ‘leave’, ‘sit’, and ‘down’”. These are all really important skills that will help him at Guide Dog Training School.


Nick and Loraine have also introduced Herbie to public transport, which he wasn’t fazed by at all. He is very popular when out and about: “When we are at the supermarket you often get people ‘oohing’ and ‘ahing’ over him and calling him a handsome boy” Loraine told us. With an adorable face like Herbie’s we are not surprised! Herbie is also getting used to the family’s pets, including Nick and Loraine’s cat, Fleur, who is 19! “He doesn’t bark at her, they get on famously” said Loraine. Herbie has also met fellow sponsored pup, Gismo, when he came to visit; they are now firm puppy pals. “Herbie is calm and mature for his age, he really is a good boy” said Nick proudly. From what we saw on our visit, Herbie is in very capable hands and will go on to make someone a perfect guide dog one day. This year Nick and Loraine are going to Shropshire for a holiday, and lucky boy Herbie will be there with them too! We can’t wait to hear all about their holiday and to see what lovable Herbie has been up to in his next Pupdate.


When we get our next Pupdate we'll let you know how Herbie is getting on, and if he had a good holiday!

If you want to know more about Herbie or any of the other puppies or if you want to sponsor one yourself check out, you can also check out Herbie's videos!

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#herbie #guidedogs #sponsorapuppy

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