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Coastal Activity Park

We are excited about the Coastal Activity Park coming to our door stop.................

The Launch of the Coastal Activity Park will be April 2014together with the re-launch of the Reef. The park isapproximately 1 mile and extends from the Toft Steps Zig Zag tothe Overstrand.

There will be various Events held throughout the year includingGeocaching (GPS Treasure Hunt), running, walks and orienteering,these will start at the Overstrand and go east towards HengistburyHead.

Artificial rock pools are to be built at the end of some of thegroynes, these will fill up at High tide and at low tide their“treasures” will be revealed, guides will be available to explainthe sea life exposed.

There will be a section of beach available for Kite/Wind surfing,this will be available for events and Clubs who want to use it

A dinghy park is to be established on the beach near the Ziz Zagfor private boats, a couple of dinghies owned by the Council andtuition given and a Sailing School formed in time

The existing ice cream Kiosk is to be revamped and as well asselling up market ice-creams, rentals, it will be an info centrefor events

A multi sports all weather sports arena, which will be floodlit isto be erected outside the Land Train station, it will be pay andplay and training will be available

A later project will be to update Surf Steps facilities but theywill continue in the meantime with the hiring of surfboards,paddle boards etc.

Handicap sports are to be introduced near the Beach Huts andtuition given in a wide range of activities

The beach area around Boscombe Pier will remain largely untouchedas this is where visitors congregate but under the pier the wallwill be transformed into a traverse wall, also to the east of thepier boulders of around 3m will be erected in the shape of OldHarry Rocks, Durdle Dor and Agglestone, these will be free forchildren to climb on but fee paying tuition will also be provided

2 permanent table tennis tables will be placed on the terracingoverlooking the roundabouts with landscaping and seating

At the end of Boscombe Pier musical play equipment is to beerected

Sorted will continue hiring equipment, in the old Sorted shopthere will be a Jurassic Coast Marine Ecology exhibition andinformation centre

The old Seafront office will sell ice-creams and the Seafrontoffice and events info will be at the other end in improvedfacilities

The volleyball courts will remain and will be regularly maintained

The Harvester now has a dance studio above (independentlyowned)and as well as dance classes there will also be Yoga andPilates

There is to be a Spa Pod for massage, nail care etc. (possiblepackages for hotels)

The Reef is to be relaunched at the same time as the CoastalActivity Park and will be open for surfing, bodyboarding,kayaking, no replacement bags but what is there will be made safeand continually maintained. There will also be guided snorkellingtours of the Reef and RIB tours

There will be a large screen to show events like World Cupfootball, Commonwealth Games and films

Planned for 2015 is a new event involving an assault course, a bigevent as this has never been anywhere in this area before

The Chine Gardens is to be included in activities

Matt Lloyd is keen to get the local Community involved in allthese activities as well as club/school events. There is to be aBeach Sports Management and Delivery course available at GCSElevel and A level/Degree​

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