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Bournemouth AFC VS Liverpool AFC

Evening, Long time no post, Sorry!

It's been a long time since my last post, but things have been crazy busy, with Christmas, New Year, family issues and a little hoilday ( which was very much needed!) We were very excited to see the Bournemouth AFC aka The cherries had beat Burton which ment that Bournemouth are going to play Liverpool FC.

Congrats on Bournemouth doing so well, but this is where the issue is!

We live in Bournemouth are we are not far from the ground. They are our local team, plus we've bumped into Eddie a few times and when we walk the dogs we regularly see the team train at Kings Park!

It's hard to work out who to support. We now live in Bournemouth and have done for nearly two years and it's nice to support a local team, BUT having family (as in my father, and being christened and still having loads of close family) coming from and still living in Liverpool. But it's difficult as half my family support Liverpool and the other half support Everton, so which way do you go?

Knowing so many of them they will support Liverpool as it's kicking the southerns in the backside, and I know so many of them will be watching as it's Live on TV, and I have warned all of my customers that it may not be so quiet, as for us this is as massive thing! We are living somewhere that is beautiful, close to the sea, But we now have a major club playing so close to us!

Having married someone from the south and having most of my family from the north it's hard to work out who to support, my heart goes with my family, so come on Liverpool, but on the other hand business kicks in ( and my family will kill me, but it pays the bills!!!)

All I can say is 'Amazing that we have a great team that is coming to Bournemouth to play'

Good luck to the both of you, we couldn't get tickets, but we will be watching on tv! Loved the bits on twitter today and we'll be watching everything! We saw @SoccerAM's at the ground today doing the soccer bar challenge. We won't give you the out come, you can see that in the morning on Soccer AM!

All I can say is GOOD LUCK to both sides, and we can't wait to watch the match on the TV!!!

I would love to post the photo from the Cherries doing the Soccer Am doing the cross bar challenge but not 100% how to do it!

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