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The start of our new journey…………...

On 16th July 2012, my husband (Des), my mother-in-law (Val) and I (Donna) became the proud owners of a small hotel, well I say hotel it’s more a bed and breakfast. Well we thought we would be proud owners, but when the payment finally went through and the pervious owners left, we had the perfect time to walk round the place and check everything out properly. It’s very hard too look at everything when you are viewing a place as not only do you have the venders with you all the time but they have all their stuff every where.

As the pervious owners had blocked a few days out of the diary so we could find our feet, we were so glad they did. It gave us a chance to get the dogs used to the house and where they are allowed to go, but the biggest thing was it gave us a chance to actually go through the rooms and check the furniture out. And there was A LOT of STUFF!

By the time we had looked at the kitchen ( which on closer inspection, was disgusting), the office, the dinning room and the three ground floor bedrooms and the bathrooms, I was ready to cry!

Not only had we invested all of our money in this place, it was a massive leap for all of us, as being the first time we’ve ever run our own business and with none of us ever being in this industry before, everything was a bit overwhelming. Des worked for UPS, Val worked for Mencap and I worked for a family business doing beauty, so as you can see what we did work wise before hand was totally different!

The thing that really reduced me to tears, was how much stuff there was, how much of it was actually crap, that the beds were moved from room to room depending on what was booked in BUT the biggest thing was how dirty the place was. Then to top all of that my mum phoned me to tell me about the last review on Trip Advisor, from some guests that stayed just before we took over. After reading the review I freaked out a bit and ordered new beds the next day ( zip and link, to make our lives easier), got the carpets shampooed and cleared and scrubbed the kitchen!

In the first 5 weeks we had 5 skips, 3 trips to the tip, a charity shop took 4 van loads away and a house clearance company took 3 van loads away. BUT we still have loads to get rid of, with a garage full, a shed as well as a loft still to go through, but that’ll have to wait as we are board with trips to the tip and from clearing stuff. Plus at the moment we are too busy to be doing tip runs and not enough room in the car park to fit a skip. But I’m sure come October time when business is slow I’m sure the skips will be back!

That’s all for tonight, but we do have loads to tell you about as that’s just the first couple of days!!!!!

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